SecurOption: what is it?

Give yourself peace of mind with guaranteed retirement income

SecurOption - Simple Advantage

Many Canadian workers strongly believe that a guaranteed monthly income will be necessary at retirement to supplement amounts received from government sources, but they don’t know how to generate such an income.

SecurOption allows you to build a guaranteed retirement income through your group retirement savings contributions.

SecurOption is the ideal solution for members who :

  • Are age 45 and up
  • Are actively planning their retirement
  • Are seeking security for their retirement savings and want to commit to their retirement planning over the long term
  • Wish to shelter part of their retirement savings against market fluctuations

SecurOption is a new, simple and safe option. Since it is added to the options already offered under your group retirement savings plan, you will benefit from both:

  1. The security of a guaranteed retirement income through the portion of contributions allocated to SecurOption
  2. The growth potential of the markets through the portion of contributions invested in your other investment vehicles
Let iA Financial Group help you increase the portion of your retirement income that is guaranteed and known in advance.
Offered in group RRSPs and DPSPs