SecurOption: Flexibility

Create a solution tailored to your needs

SecurOption - Advantage Flexible

SecurOption allows you to make your own retirement savings choices by determining the percentage of contributions you wish to allocate to it. You can also choose to change the percentage or contribute additional lump-sum amounts at any time. This way, you get a customized solution based on your retirement needs.

Primarily intended for conservative investors, SecurOption is also suitable for more aggressive investors seeking to increase the guaranteed portion of their retirement income.

  • Percentage of contributions allocated to SecurOption determined by you (based on plan and contract terms)
  • Additional contributions allowed at all times (based on plan and contract terms)
  • You can start or stop investing in SecurOption at any time
  • Invested amounts accessible if specific life events occur1

1 The amounts used to purchase annuities become non-accessible, except for the following reasons and if the amounts are vested: death, reduced life expectancy, end of conjugal union, termination of employment or membership in the association represented by the sponsor or termination of plan or contract.